I don’t know anything about matchsticks, truth be told I just thought it sounded cool; but, I do know a Hell of a lot about ‘more’. I guess that is what this is…It’s more.

If you’re here, that’s great, if not, I guess my own company will have to suffice. I am, for all intensive purposes writing for myself anyway. Matchsticks and more, is an outlet. A healthier one than say, punching walls, getting copiously drunk or shouting at people that couldn’t care less – I tried YouTube, turns out trying to make moaning to a camera for a hour into watchable content is harder than I thought.

Any-who, brief overview…Uploaded here will be a mixture of both personal posts and creative works (most of which have decided its a waste of time to be locked away in documents on a hardrive when they can live out their existence, equally as unread on the internet with more legroom), as well as a few other brief ramblings that might turn out to be mind-blowingly insightful or dreadfully dull, I’ll let you decided what category they fall into. It’s, finally a way for me to mutter to myself that is a little more socially acceptable.

So, if you’re here: Hi. Welcome. I’m sure we’ll get on, I’m quite nice when you get to know me, honestly. I’d even shake your hand if you were not – wherever you are. Or hug you, I’m more of a hugger.

Hope you enjoy.
See you.
– Elliot.

P.s: Aside from the blog, and my ever so unuseful love of writing, I also doodle. To an extent that I have an instagram for it…ElliotSketches if you’re interested at all.